Sam Pepper Exposed
This video is so important and definitely worth watching. Laci has put the whole situation into words perfectly.


Gilmore Girl’s rewatch ♣ favourite scenes 1/

      → S1E15 - Christopher’s Return




math.. more like



Title: Cosmic Love
Artist: Florence + The Machine
Album: Lungs
Played:3,714 times

Orange is the New Black: a summary

"As a male writer, do you feel your work distracts from your traditional role of hunting and killing wild animals?"

—(via cannedmonster)


i really dont understand people that dont sleep with a stuffed animal like you guys are missing out

I don’t Instagram pictures of myself for people to be like ‘Wow, that looks really sexy’ I take pictures of cute kittens, or when the ocean looks nice, or of a funny sign I saw in an airport. This philosophy extends to sexiness IRL as well. I like a more classic look. I always go back to Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Red lipstick and a winged eyeliner — I think that looks nice.